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Character Specific Dialogue


Saw this reddit post about the delta slogan and just had a dialogue brainstorm. I struggle with self confidence sometimes but I think I'm pretty good at writing character specific dialogue.

"This could be the setup for a Rick and Morty joke.

Jerry: So what do you think?

Rick: Jerry I think I understand why my daughter married you, you're brilliant.

Jerry: Really I felt it was good but--

Rick: Brilliant at being incompetent Jerry, you made a slogan that manipulates the human brains tendency to seek out patterns to induce dyslexia and suicidal thoughts.

Jerry: That's absurd.

Morty walks in and Rick hands him the slogan.

Rick: Morty what does that say?

Morty: The world is better with out you in it? Oh Jeez I guess that's true on some level.

Rick: This is why Santa is important Jerry, kids need to be protected from the truth till their old enough that they're mental health is society's problem.

Jerry: I don't believe this hold on I'm getting a call... yeah keep climbing man, I'm glad you like it.

Morty: Who was that?

Jerry: That was the Captain Sullenberger, he told me he took the slogan to heart, so you two can shut it.

They hear the sound of a plane flying overhead. They step outside the garage and see a stalled out plane crash into the ground.

Rick: If you cooperate with the NTSB you should be able to avoid criminal negligence, come on Morty.

They leave through a portal while Jerry bears witness to the destruction he created."

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